There’s nothing like watching your favorite sports in the comfort of your family room or man cave. The company can’t be beat, the food’s better, and the weather is always perfect!

Nothing compares to being in the middle of thousands of cheering fans on game day, but the next best thing is seeing all the action complete with replays and highlights of other games on a big screen TV. With all the constant advancements in technology, it can be frustrating deciding on just the right TV for your needs. We visit stores and scour reviews to see who makes the best TV for the buck, and let you know right here.


Sony 75” Premium Sound 4K Ultra HD TV
Sony 75"

Okay.  You want it all and don’t mind mortgaging the house to do it.  Here it is.  The one we think offers it all and doesn’t spare the horses.  Sony has delivered a beautiful 4K picture even at high speeds that includes active 3D, 2160p resolution, expanded color spectrum, and advanced sound with double tweeters, woofers, and sub-woofers. It offers an excellent sports experience, and it’s a one-piece home theater to boot. Other goodies include Play Station streaming, Android TV, smartphone connection, and Dolby Digital Plus.  For all the down and dirty specs, features, and how to make it your own, click here.


Vizio P2ui-B

VIZIO 912VgaLdBRL__SL1500_ 300x192

We’ve said it many times before – we love Vizio because of their combination of high quality TVs at an excellent price and top-notch customer service.  This TV delivers exactly that.   Ultra HD that delivers near 4k clarity for much less money and connections that anticipate advancements for years to come make it hard to pass up.  Simply put, if you want the best picture available for the money, Vizio has delivered it.  Enough said.  If you need more reasons to hang this on your wall or if you want to have sent to your door immediately, click here.




Samsung UN55JU7100 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

Samsung 91AIGqvewgL__SL1500_300x192

Samsung has pulled out all the stops in making this beauty that won’t bust the bank.  A picture with 4 times the detail of HD gives amazing clarity in regular action and especially replays.  We think it’s one of the best smart UHD TVs we tried.  You won’t go wrong. Get the details here.





LG Electronics 55EC9300 55-Inch 1080p 3D Curved OLED TV

LG 71UDnVyU-T 300x192

If cutting edge is your thing, then this LG is for you.  This 55 inch OLED screen will display all your sports, favorite movies, and anything else you want to watch in beautiful HD, and the curved screen gives you a unique panorama with wide viewing angles.  The built in web app allows you take advantage of everything streaming that the internet offers.  High tech and a reasonable price is hard to resist.  More on this beauty is here.




VIZIO E50-C1 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED HDTV

Vizio 51As1ehMuhL 300x192This TV embodies all that we love about Vizio.   If you want a great TV at a price point that’s friendly to everybody and don’t care about HD or 4K, then Vizio’s E-series is made for you.  This 55″ smart TV has an incredible picture supplied by full-array LED backlighting and active LED zones.  All sports fans will benefit from Vizio’s Clear Action 240 which uses superior image processing combined with a 120HZ refresh rate for great action detail.  Add smart TV capabilities, and you probably have the best value, dollar for dollar, that is out there today.  To see just what we’re talking about, click here.




TCL S3800 Series

TCL 81bAHFn8HlL__SL1500_ 300x192

We really like this TV for what it has to offer at an entry-level price.  TCL has partnered with Roku to deliver a smart TV at about the cost of most any other standard entry-level TV.  You’ll find the best picture available with super refresh rates and superb definition for sure, but there’s just something to appreciate in a TV with these smarts.  As far as our web site is concerned, it’s not necessarily a “great TV for sports”, but if you can’t tell a pixil from a pineapple and are maybe looking to cut the cord, you need to check this TV out.  For what it is, it’s great.  Don’t just take our word for it though, see what we mean here.




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